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What it means to be Digital First

In a recent study, “The Great Divide,” Alliance Data’s Analytics & Insights Institute set out to understand how well brands were meeting expectations across key consumer needs. As a part of this study of more than 2,000 consumers and 40 brands, the Digital First consumer emerged as a new, critical consumer segment. Check out highlights about Digital First consumers below, and download the full report for more insights.  

Connecting brands to the real needs of today’s Digital First consumer
In this day and age, everybody is digital to some extent. But, not everybody is Digital First. Digital First consumers make up 34% of the US population. Their frequent use of technology significantly changes how they communicate and connect with brands. They can be found in all demographics and backgrounds, and they have higher expectations than the average consumer.

Digital First consumers are a valuable target
Digital First consumers prefer to engage with brands digitally and shop online frequently. Brands need to pay special attention to this group: 71% are shopping online multiple times per month (compared to 31% overall), 43% are shopping in store multiple times per month (compared to 39% overall), and 68% claim to love their favorite retailer.

Changing the rules of (brand) engagement
Digital First consumers’ top ways of connecting with a brand are the website (73%), email program (48%), and mobile app (35%). Though other channels are important, these three are a brand’s must wins. 




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