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Widespread UseBrands have taken notice and are incorporating these ideas at a growing rate.

EARLY ADOPTIONBold leaders have implemented new models for meeting their customers’ needs, as others closely monitor their success.

NEXT-UP INNOVATIONA select few trendsetters are exploring and testing concepts that may gain popularity in the next two to three years.


Purposefully Connected Journeys Retailers are strategically connecting all of the brands’ assets and channels, removing friction and serving up contextualized content on demand and in real time.

Embracing Every Body Brands are making conscious efforts to design products, services, and experiences that appeal to everyone, regardless of ability, age, color, gender, size, or preferences.

Engaging in the Brand Promise In Store Brands are serving up brand-right adjacent experiences and services that increase the value and the amount of time consumers spend in store.

Conscious Connections Brands are tapping into sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives in authentic, transparent ways, forging deeper connections with consumers.

Gen Zis the most ethnically diverse in U.S. history with Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, and those identifying as multi-racial making up 47% of the group’s population.


Precise Personalization New innovations in data-driven, tailor-made offerings are giving brands and consumers new ways to “make it mine” with customized and bespoke products.

Mainstreaming Secondhand Growing in appeal, the secondhand market is looking more like traditional retail, with curated offerings, higher-touch store experiences, and tech-enabled customer journeys.

A Social Shopping Revolution Brands are embracing social media shopping through new shoppable content, testing new platform technologies and enabling customers to move more seamlessly from inspiration and discovery to purchase.

Bridging the Gap Whether solving for fit, product visualization, service, or personalized guidance, brands are creating leading-edge services and solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and increase comfort with buying specialized products online.

$20 Billionin sales is generated by the resale market for apparel and is projected to grow to $41 billion by 2022.

31%of consumers say they shop while flipping through their social media accounts.

16.6 million U.S. homesare currently integrated with smart devices where multiple devices and appliances can connect and interact with each other over the internet.


Retailers in communication, experiences, and interactions are coming to the forefront. Download the Now, New, Next retail trends report to see how leading brands are adopting these trends to connect with customers, including strategies for incorporating the trends into your own brand.

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