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From payments to perks, what Gen Z wants

Gen Z seeks streamlined payments experiences that put them in control. Gen Z is the largest generation in American history, representing $143 billion in direct and indirect buying power today. And, in 10 years, they are projected to have more buying power than millennials and baby boomers combined. With so much at stake—and fierce competition—brands need to lean in to payments strategies that enable them to take the friction out of the path to purchase and empower these young consumers to pay their way. 

  • 33% of Gen Z consumers who haven't used buy now, pay later would consider using it. 
  • 85% of Gen Z only make a purchase when they can fully cover the bill 
  • 93% of Gen Z believes that in 10 years we'll be using the same payment types we use today. 

Learn more about Gen Z’s approach to their finances and how to meet their unique expectations.



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