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How SelectCheckout is enhancing the customer experience

 We spend our days at Alliance Data collaborating with our brand partners. Uncovering new ways to help them know more about their customers so they can continue to sell more. Exploring new opportunities to provide the most up-to-date, intuitive shopping experience possible. And we’ve found a way to extend this opportunity to our cardmembers with SelectCheckoutSM, a new capability that puts loyalty in the forefront of payments.

SelectCheckoutSM removes barriers between browsing and buying.
How many times have you been this close to making a purchase on your mobile device—from your couch, your bed, or some other comfortable spot—when you realize your purse or wallet is somewhere out of reach? And how many times have you abandoned your cart simply because you were too tired to go get your credit card or you realized you didn’t have your rewards certificate?

SelectCheckoutSM is Alliance Data’s time-saving, customer experience-improving answer to those moments when your credit card or rewards certificate is out of reach. A dedicated button that promotes a brand’s private label card as an e-commerce payment option, SelectCheckoutSM eliminates the need for a physical credit card to complete an online purchase or use your rewards. Simply put, it gives cardmembers a quicker, more user-friendly checkout experience. And it fosters loyalty by integrating a customer’s rewards information—customers can see how close they are to their next reward, so they can add an additional item to their cart to earn it.

Let’s take a look at the SelectCheckoutSM customer journey:

For brands and their customers, it’s a win-win.
SelectCheckoutSM speeds up the online checkout process by reducing the amount of information a customer must enter every time she makes a purchase. It weaves rewards directly into the checkout process. By providing customers the opportunity to shop online without having a physical card, SelectCheckoutSM simplifies the online shopping experience. For retailers, the benefits are clear as well. Fewer abandoned carts means more steady purchases. And an online experience that’s convenient, simple, and enjoyable means more, longer-lasting customer loyalty.





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